Friday, September 5, 2008

SNAG and Harriete Estel Berman

Hariette Estel Berman wrote to me after reading the previous post. This is BIG on many levels.

Do read her letter for the generous information and updates she offers.

Then remembering points from the art marketing seminar and resources, read it again to absorb how Hariette put key ideas to work for her.

First thing - She discovered where, when, and what someone was saying that related to her. There are no secrets on the Internet. No doubt Harriete has a google alert (or similar) for SNAG, her own name, and other things of importance to her. That's how she knew of my little post.

Follow her example - It's important to know what others are saying about us and where. We can respond. We can follow up with related ideas as she has done by including a link to her marketing blog. Her blog is jam packed with the specifics you crave. I checked.

Thing 2 - Note her professional and personable email etiquette.

Big Thing - Look what she has packed into her signature along with alternative ways to contact her. She is marketing her art with every business email.

p.s. Her pencil project is way cool.

And now - Harriete's letter

Hello. My name is Harriete Estel Berman. I wrote the Professional Guidelines which you mention on your blog on Sept 2nd. Thanks for the mention. If you’re interested we can do an interview or conversation about a Professional Guidelines topic for your readers. I am sending you a one page handout that lists the current PG topics. I also have an “Ask Harriete” blog which answers Professional Development questions for artists and crafts people.

Read my blog or ASK Harriete your professional question at:

I look forward to hearing from you.



Harriete Estel Berman

home: 650 345-4078

studio: 650 571-7726

SHOP online at:

Listen to a half hour interview with Harriete Estel Berman and Alison Lee on "CraftCast":

View the Professional Guidelines:

Participate in my artwork with the Pencil Project .

Send me your used, chewed up, orphan #2 pencils.

Find out about my Upcoming Exhibition, Publicity, and Lectures at:
Find out about my Upcoming Exhibitions, and Publicity at:

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