Monday, September 1, 2008

Ordered Greeting Cards

Here's the route to my greeting card order from

After receiving an email for incredible pricing from
I tried to design a greeting card. (I am thrilled with my business cards from them by the way.)

In the end, I let it go because there was no way to eliminate their logo from the back of the card. Deal breaker for me; maybe not for you.

I looked into some other recommendations which were very expensive.

Postcardpress is moderately priced. Their site is easy to navigate. They offer a design service which I did not use. Instead I opted to upload my own file. They accept many types of image files.

Worth noting...they want the files in rgb and convert to cmyk themselves. RGB is what we use for desktop printing and web images, so it is the default choice for most of us image amateurs.

What I did was design the card in Microsoft Publisher's free 90 day trial version. (There's an hour of your life in the download and installation process.)

Turns out the best thing to do...preferably not at 2 am... is to design on the page 2-3 spread of Publisher's a quarter fold card. Then you can save that double page as a jpg or png making sure to choose highest possible resolution for printing as you save. What you end up with is the outside front and back of your card in just one saved image.

Then you can upload your image.

This worked out better than saving the front and back of the card separately because any aligning and rotating is already done.

Fingers crossed. I'll keep you posted.

Tip: When deciding how many cards to order, check the shipping cost. Shipping was the same for 250 cards as for 100 cards. That made ordering 250 an even better deal.

p.s. Feel free to jump in with a better or different approach.

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